Corporate Samples

Combining effective images and sounds, regardless of the subject matter, increases the attention and retention factor substantially and therefore the value of the video project.

Our Instructional Designers, Writers, Directors, along with all of the behind the scenes creative and technical talent combine as a team to deliver highly successful linear and interactive projects.

Selling Skills

Motivating and training a sales force is critical for any company.  For more than thirty years, we have been delivering product knowledge projects, Interpersonal development projects and sales improvement projects to many Fortune 500 companies.  Whether delivered in a facilitated environment or one-on-one through an interactive experience, our goal has always been to improve a company’s bottom line through improved selling skills.

Safety Training

Reducing accidents, injuries and the related expenses is the goal of these single concept safety training videos. Addressing specific target areas with five to six minute videos has proven to be highly effective. We have worked with safety expert, W. Kent Jessee, PhD, for more than 30 years helping companies to reduce their loss ratios and protect their employees.